I was inspired from this blog post from ‘Henry Happened’ .

I made a modification by creating a hook to hang the earring.  Just take a piece of wire and bend it in the middle with the ends aligned up on either side. Like a bump in the road. Then when you construct the earring glue this between two like pieces of leather triangles to make the seamless hook without having to punch a hole in the material.  I added 4 little beads from my stash.



I love the look of layered bracelets but I really don’t have a large collection of bracelets to draw from. I was clearing out some of the boys clothes and got the idea of cutting off their old jeans hem and using it as a bracelet base.

Cut off at hem with a 1/4 inch allowancw to fold and hem down creating a clean strip to work with. Cut to length and sew in snap for overlapping closure. Then take your favorite embroidery floss or cotton and wrap color bands on the bracelet. I didn’t wrap all the way around because the look of the distressed jean exposed makes me happy.

My daughter models the bracelet and I don’t think I’ll get it back. Looks like I’ll be making another one soon.



If your a creative type like me and always working on projects it’s fun to do something new that is quick, fun, and sucessful. It’s okay to have failed projects especially if you haven’t invested to much time into it. But it’s so rewarding to do something that is fairly easy, unique, and is something I can’t wait to wear.

There are several tutorials out there but just remember to count and have fun creating your own designs.


Didn’t have much time to plan for July but managed to do a few projects to use for decoration. I still haven’t managed to figure out how to decorate all the white shelves I have in the living room so there is always a canvas for holidays at this point.

Soda can tin star garland. I was amazed that a strong kitchen scissor could easily cut a soda can. I then traced out out a 5 pointed betsy ross star. Using a ruler run a ball point pen that will emboss a line from point to point intersecting evenly at the middle. Then fold down the star point edges a bit giving it a 3-d effect.  I used an awl and punched holes in one end and strung them up with red cotton thread.

Fireworks bouquet from painted deadhead aliums from my garden. Cut the deadheads and fill an old small spray bottle with paint and water then spray till they are covered with the desired color.  This one was noticed and liked much by my husband who normally doesn’t comment much on new projects.

Found this lovely gem at the Pilgrim Monument Museum in Cape Cod, what a great inspiration on what a little paint can to change the mood of a room.  Going to try my hand at recreating this style sometime soon.

Another impulse project finished.  Take an old or cheap glass vase, use silicon and pipe faux wood graining on it. Let it completely dry and give it a spray of primer.  Cut the first daffodils of the season and display. Not my original idea, but now that I have the silicon definitely going to try creating my own stamps with this technique of outlining with silicone caulking on a piece of plexiglass.



Created these cute bunnies from baking soda based clay. This clay is great because it’s all from standard household ingredients and it makes in fairly small batches that keeps well in a small baggie.  The base is a recycled box with the lid covered with green chenille yarn I had lying around.  A bit of rick rack, a few vintage flower heads and it’s the perfect bunny yard.

Baking Soda Clay

1 Cup Baking Soda

1/2 Cup Corn Starch

2/3 Cup Warm Water

Heat ingredients in a saucepan till smooth. Keep in airtight container until ready to use. Create items and let air-dry.